CTM - Smart

CTM – Smart


HERO designs and manufactures dosing and mixing equipment, both in-can and in-batch, upon request to meet the needs of small and medium-sized productions.


  • sequential gravimetric dosing equipped with moving dosing head
  • easy to operate
  • dosing available in all can or batch sizes
  • great performance in a small space
  • integration with automatic lines
  • the machine can be equipped with a double scale for in-can or in-batch dosing
  • space-related customization based on layout requirements
  • it can also be used in ink factories
  • available in compact version up to 16 circuits
In order to complete the product portfolio,  we design and manufacture in-plant systems for In-Can and In-Batch dosing and mixing.

Thanks to our flexibility we are able to meet the needs of our customers, providing custom projects for small and medium productions.

In this section you can find some details pictures of our in-plant realized around the world.



Gravimetric and sequential

Number of circuits

Up to 26 per dosing head

Flow rate

20 L/min (with 3/4” valves and 1” membrane pumps) (*)



Dosing head

+/- 0,1 g (*)

Mobile head with valves positioned on an arch

Valves on 2 concentric radius

Automatic positioning by the rotation of the head

High positioning speed

Dispensing valves

3/4” or 1  1/2” with double concentric shutter and recirculation

Valves actuator

Triple linear pneumatic cylinder-8 different positionings management


Pneumatic diaphragm with double membrane

Electric with double membrane

Eletcric progressive cavity

Electric gear

Dispensing containers

From 1 Kg to 3.000 Kg


200 L drums

Palletizable IBC

INOX tanks on project

Interface with exisisting tanks

Armed lids with suction and recirculation

Level sensors and agitation system available on request

External tanks agitation

By the recirculation or by a programmable speed immersion agitator


According to the need of capacity and precision

Possibility of multiple scales installations to optimize the precision on different ranges (35-600-1.500-3.000 Kg).

Available both in standard and ATEX version

* values affected by the viscosity of the products and by the precision of the scale

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