HERO has enriched the market with a new dosing technology based on the use of progressive cavity pumps (PCP), one of the best technologies currently available in the field.
Progressive cavity pumps (PCP) are particularly accurate and reliable fluid controlling devices that manage the typical problems of the pigment pastes for paints, also under severe working conditions.
The operating principle makes it possible to simplify the dosing circuit reducing it to a single component that performs the dual function of a (reversible) pump and a valve.


HERO has created TintWise™, a software that works as a control and management software of the machine that is also one of the best user-friendly POS software.
Being developed in-house, it provides a comprehensive management of statistics data, an easy management of databases and formula updates.
It is also possible to interface it with most of the software for colorimetry in the POS applications, formula database management software and automated tinting management applications.


HERO was the first company in the market to provide a solution that integrates the multiannual management of the maintenance in the equipment cost.
This ever-changing technology ensures an excellent level of reliability, repeatability and precision.
Thanks to the progressive cavity pumps (PCP), the periodic calibration of circuits is no longer needed.