Immersion mixers offer a perfect homogenization of high viscosity pastes in fluids which are often extremely pasty, such as plaster, plastic coatings or decorative dense products.
They are available in a manual version, with a quick-change of the mixing shaft mechanism, or a self-washing version.
They may be integrated with manual or automatic can handling systems.

• list of programs that can be set with different mixing speeds and vibration width (dynamic)
• the self-washing version allows rapid color change and limited water use
• the locking system is available for all kinds of pails in manual or automatic devices
• easy to enhance with a tinting management software


Maximum can dimensions
Ø 380 mm × H 480 mm

Minimum can dimensions
Ø 250 mm × H 200 mm

Can clamping
Manual or automatic

Mixing motor
Three-phase asynchronous motor by 1,1 kW driven by frequency converter

Mixing parametres
Smart speed managment, programmable by display (max 720 rpm), interpolated with vertical movement

Mixing cycle time
Programmable by display

Cleaning of impeller
By fast replacement of impeller- 2 impellers are included

Overall dimensions
W 700 x D 700 x H 1.820

300 kg

Power supply
230/115 V AC 50/60 Hz

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